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Fruits Parlor "Horiuchi Kajitsuen" Opens at Grand Front Osaka

A fruit parlor "Horiuchi Kajitsuen" will be newly opened at the Grand Front Osaka South Building, on March 14! This will be the second branch following the first shop opened in Nara in June 2017."Horiuchi Kajitsuen" is simulating a farm specializing fruits proposing "shops that enjoy fruits" with a concept of a fruits truck. The shop offers how to enjoy fruits with modern way for wide range of fruits lover with BGM of birdcall and stream flows.
The shop offers a new sense sweet "short cream" with "Blueberry", "Strawberry" and "Mixed Berries" flavors using homemade espuma which is neither short cake nor soft cream, 600 yen each (tax excluded),Osaka branch limited "Mixed smoothie" 800 yen (tax excluded),And savory fruit sandwich "Deli sandwich" 780yen (tax excluded).Also, the shop will sell "persimmon leaf tea" 500yen (tax excluded) which is effective for health and beauty with a method similar to Japanese tea cultivated only persimmon leaves without making fruits in the exclusive field, dried fruits and variety of jams. Also, all items can take away.