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Gelato Shop Abbot Kinney Offers "Salt Daifuku" Flavor!

A unique Artisan Gelato specialty shop "Abbot Kinney" has offered the new flavor "Salt Daifuku gelato (a round mochi stuffed with sweet red beans)" theming Japanese since March 5.

"Salt Daifuku gelato" 600 yen/ a cup is a combination of soft cooked red beans and handmade fertilizer with salt accent, mixed with fresh milk gelato.

You can enjoy the taste with unique, exquisite Japanese and Western collaborations of the slightly salty flavored red beans and fresh milk gelato which is clear but rich and creamy.Also, you can add brown sugar syrup on top as free which is only for the Salt Dadifuku Flavor. If you add it, the flavor changes from "Salt Daifuku" flavor to "Cream Anmitsu"!Also, if you order "Salt Daifuku" flavor and "Matcha Mascarpone" flavor together, it become "Matcha cream Anmitsu".

You can have perfect 3 choices such as "Salt Daifuku", "Cream Anmitsu", "Matcha Cream Anmitsu". Which do you prefer?

■ "Abbot Kinney Hatagaya shop"
Address: 2-5-3 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo