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"Gojo Alley Backstreet Tour" Waliking Kyoto's Retro Areas With Kimono Became Regular Tour!

"Gojo Alley Backstreet Tour" which was limited time plan organized by Kyoto Kimono Rental shop "Yume Yakata" in 2018, will be annualized with favorable popularity. The tour is a walking tour wearing kimonos, to walk around backstreets, even local people are unaware of its existence and charm.This tour takes you around the southern part from the Gojo Takase River where the traditional house which was the model of the Tale of Genji.Since the late Edo era, a decay town that is called Shichijin Shinchi is spreading and still remarkable townhouse "Machiya" with "Karahafu style" built from the Meiji era to the early Showa era remain there. Currently, affected by redevelopment, valuable architectures are getting less, but at the same time retro cafes and shops that have refurbished the Machiya has opened, and it is being revitalized into the city with new charm.
"Gojo Alley Backstreet Tour" was held last October to December and not only Japanese but many foreigners such as United States, Sweden, France, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Myanmar, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Philippines joined.

"Gojo Alley Backstreet Tour" is planned as regularly since this February for those who want to discover the charm of unknown and deep Kyoto, not only seeing popular sightseeing spots representative of Kyoto such as Kiyomizu Temple or Kinkakuji.  
With the cooperation of 5 cafés and shops, if you show the MAP of "Gojo Alley Backstreet Tour" at those shops, you will receive complimentary goods or services there. Those cafes are perfect for relaxing and looking back of the tour after a walk.

The tour takes about 2 hours. The fee is 3000 yen / 2 pp, 2500 yen / more than 3 pp (if renting Kimono at Yumekan), 3500 yen / 2 pp, 3000 yen / more than 3 pp (without Kimono rental) (tax and kimono rental fee are excluded).

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