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Refresh with Quality Sleep! "Sleep Cafe" Opens

"Sleep cafe" that had appeared for a limited time only will be opened as a regular business in Tokyo Oimachi on March 6th. The café where focusing on Japanese sleep deprivation and has offered a new sleeping style with coffee, will be available anytime.

The "Nescafe Sleep Cafe" flagship store will offer the place where simulate a good quality night sleep and perfect nap proposing a lifestyle that will help solve Japanese sleep problems.
What you can experience at "Nescafe Sleep Cafe" is 2 kinds of course like "Nap Course" which you drink coffee including caffeine before a nap, and "sleep course" which you drink decaf coffee before sleeping and drink coffee with caffeine after waking up and you can choose the time of use between 1 hour and 3 hours.  

With luxury French bed and leather chairs with the finest reclining features, you can experience good nap and deep sleep.
You can choose your favorite solid mattresses and pillows for smooth sleep experience at the café. Also, it offers IoT lighting that can customize brightness and color suitable for sleep, music for inducing good sleep, sleep measurement eye mask. Various ingenuity is given to obtain better sleep.

The price is "Nap course" is 750 yen (tax excluded) with 30 minutes nap experience and 1 coffee, "sleep course" is 1500 yen (tax excluded)with 60 minutes experience and 2 coffee, 2480 yen (tax excluded) is 90 minutes sleep experience and 2 coffee, 3300 yen (tax excluded) is 120 minutes sleep experience and 2 coffee, 4950 yen (tax excluded) is 180 minutes sleep experience and 2 coffee. Advance reservation will be accepted at the web site from 10 am of March 1.

For getting rid of tiredness during the day, a short nap which isn’t bothered sleep at night will be effective. Let’s go there to get great sleep there to make you refresh!

■ "Nescafe Sleep Cafe"
Address: 5F of K2 building, 1-7-7 Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo