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Nail Friendly Nail Polish Brand "Gofun Nail" Offer Pale Tone Colors!

Nail-friendly aqueous nail polish brand "Gofun Nail" which produced by Japan’s oldest Japanese painting shop, will release 3 kinds of special limited color as spring and summer edition from March 1.

The all three new colors are pale tone which are 2019’s trend. It has 2 light pink colors which are like wild flowers blooming modesty in the bush, and another one is calm green like grass.

"Hanagasumi" mixed white in light pink is inspired from "Hanagasumi (flower haze)" which means cherry blossom appearing from afar like white mist from the distance. The mild pink with beigey nudity can be used in any occasions."Yamao Aoi" inspired by Japanese traditional "Wasabi color" is spicy green like grated wasabi, with hint of femininity. The refreshing green color like plants swaying with gentle breeze is perfect for accent of the fashion. 
The deep pink color "Gekikko" is a gorgeous rose color inspired of sexy and shiny China rose aka Gekkika in Chinese. When you wear it on the nails, it will raise your mood.

The Spring-Summer edition of "Gofun Nail" is 10 ml / 1300 yen (tax included). It can be purchased at Kamiue main shop, official online shop, and nationwide Gofun Nail dealer.

You can give soft impression to everyone with the lovely color nail polishes. Why don’t you wear the lovely nail polishes with spring and summer fashion?