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Outdoor with Sauna! Finnish Style Authentic Sauna in Nojiri Lake, Nagano

"LIG", which is widely practiced from web site creation to co-working space and guest house operation, will open the authentic Finnish firewood sauna facility "The Sauna" on February 8.
"The Sauna" is newly established within the guesthouse "LAMP Nojiri Lake" in Nagano Prefecture with the concept of "All Things Nature."

This will be the one of the few firewood-fired saunas in Japan, and is offered a mixed bathing wearing swimsuits that followed the Finnish style, and if you make a reservation in advance, you can use it for private use.
In the facility, there are "Smokeless firewood stove" made by a local company "Moki factory" in Nagano prefecture,And 150 cm tall of low door that will not miss the heat of the sauna.
Also you can get out to dive fluffy snow there.
 Including early opening from 8:30 to 10:00, it operates 5 divided business hours such as from 11: 00-13: 00/13: 30-15: 30/16: 00-18: 00/18: 30-20: 30/21: 30 to 23: 00.

Open expect for Monday and Tuesday (open on public holiday), the fee is 1500yen (tax included) with one drink, 1000yen (tax included) for early morning without drink. *The fee for Private use is set separately

Advance reservation has been available on the Website and telephone since February 1.

Why do not you go there to refresh yourself in Nagano's nature and a real Finnish sauna?

■"The Sauna"
Adress: Guesthouse LAMP Nojiri Lake, 379-2 Nojiri, Shinano, Kamiminochi District, Nagano Prefecture