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Exhibition with Up-and-Coming Floral Artists will be Held!

Former TV Asahi Anchor and Flower Artist Yui Maeda's handmade flower brand "gui" will produce the event "Colored Flower Exhibition" at Omotesando ROCKET from January 18 (Fri) to 23 (Wednesday).
"gui" that has a concept of "The place where you will meet flowers" will produce the encounter with flowers for special occasion with up-and-coming florists, and disseminate the charm of flowers in modern way. As each artist will held workshop each days, so, it will be enjoyable 6 days.Unique florists will gather there to exhibit their beautiful creations featuring "Flower and color" such as "duft" which is produced by one of the Young and up coming florist Chiemi Wakai who is attract lots of attention" using vivid coloring technique,"Tumbler & FLOWERS" by Toru Watagi who is widely active both in Japan and abroad as an Ikebana artist,Sayaka Imaizumi from "MY'S" who is active in design and fashion magazine,And Director Takashima Miyuki of 'LUVONICAL flower works' who is good at dynamic decoration,"BIONIC PLANTS" which is handling decorations at popular restaurants in Tokyo and events.Also, the popular florist of Tokyo "COCO BOTANICAL arrangement" will organize the workshop.

Free to entry. Opening hour is from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.

■"Omotesando ROCKET"
Adress: 3F at Omotesando Hills Dojunkan, 4-12-10, Jingumae, Shibuya