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Strolling to See Early Season's Flowers at "Nature Observation" event

Early season’s flowers will be full bloom from January to February in a public park "Shikinomori Park" in Yokohama, Kanagawa. The park will hold a special event "Nature observation" to see such beautiful flowers from January 13 to February 10.

"Shikinomori Park" where you can enjoy the seasonal flowers and living creatures with beautiful scenery of community-based forest, occasionally hold the event "Nature observation" for visitors to enjoy more about the park. In the event, experts will explain the details of inside of the park while walking around.It will introduce Chimonanthus praecox, a family of Calycanthaceae, native to China, and Amur Adonis, a family of Ranunculaceae, a perennial plant with a golden yellow flower which will be fully bloomed in "Nature Observation Society" of January and February.

Entry and joining fee are free. When you visit the reception before 13:00, you can join it.  
"Shikinomori Park" has been remained huge nature even in rural area of Yokohama. Why don’t you enjoy winter strolling watching early season flowers which are blooming quiet but dynamic in the park?

■ Kanagawa prefecture’s public park, "Shikinomori Park"
Address: 291 Terayama cho, Midori-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa.