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Accommodation with Spa Treatment and Yoga at Okinawa

"Hyatt Regency Serakaki Island Okinawa" will offer "Urizun Plan" which is a new accommodation plan with luxury spa treatment " from January 14.

"Urizun" is one of the Okinawa’s direction word to mean "start moisturizing" to express coming up young leaves all together and blooming flowers to moist the land.

The plan is for one night two days and Spa treatment, activities and meals are included.
For the first day, you can relax with herb bath with 8 kinds of herb such as galingale, artemisia and Persimmon leave.
Also, to circulate of blood with the hotel original herb ball massage, and releasing the usual day’s stress.
For dinner, you will enjoy special meal course "Shinjimun" at the specialty dinning "Shirakachi".

"Shinjimun" is meal that can be taken into the body without excessive ingredients nutrition. "Shirakachi" offers nutritious foods that can only be tasted in Okinawa such as a lavorful and nutritious soup "Tsumsinji" with pork lever and carrots, iron-rich "Boiled Handama", and "Rice soup with artemisia".On the second day, the plan includes morning yoga while taking a soft reflection sun of Okinawa. Try loosening your whole body with warming up.For the breakfast buffet at the All Day dining "Cerare", you can taste plenty of Okinawa ingredients that make you satisfy, such as Mozuku seaweed, Goya and blue papaya.

The fee for "Urizun Plan" is from 44,045yen per person (tax and surcharge excluded) with 2 pairs 4 people only a day, and reservation is required 3 days in advance.

Why do not you refresh yourself with the plan to unleashed yourself from everyday life as much as you want?