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Limited Time Only Dinner Buffet with Northeast 6 prefectures Special Local Foods

Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu is holding a dinner buffet "Oishi Dining Tohoku" at the restaurant Akasaka Square Dining for a limited time from January 4 to February 28.
At the dinner buffet "Oishi Dining Tohoku" 6000 yen (Tax / Surcharge included / price difference with over 60 years old and elementary school student), it offers traditional Tohoku region’s local cuisine which has been inherited for long time in cold Tohoku like "It is delicious because it is in cold!". You can enjoy the luxuriously time with enjoying those heartwarming seasonal dishes which are also attracted to your eyes, too.
It offers winter foods from Aomori, Akita and Iwate in January, and from Yamagata and Fukushima in February. In January, it provides a B class gourmet food “Towada Bara Yaki” with marinated sweet and spicy beef and onion from Aomori Prefecture, Akita’s tradition hot pot “Kiritanpo hot pot”, and “Chicken Nanban with Oshu Iwai Chicken” from Iwate prefecture. All of them are matched very well with alcohol.   Also, as for drinks, it offers "Sake Comparison Set"1500yen (tax and surcharge included) to compare each prefecture’s premium Sake, and original cocktails using Tohoku region’s alcohol. The original cocktails will be changed depends on foods.
"Oishi Dining Tohoku" where you can fully enjoy the attraction of Tohoku. Why do not you come to enjoy it.