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Kimono Rental Plan with Seafood Rice Bowl with Gold Leaf!

Kimono rental shop "Kokoyui" located right in front of Kanazawa station, has been offering a special plan "Oishi Kanazawa Course" that is a set of Kimono rental and lunch meal in popular Kanazawa’s restaurants. This time, the seafood rice bowl with golden leaf is added in the plan.This set is to make it possible to kimono rental and a lunch reservation at the same time, and it makes easy for customers who worry about where to go to eat on the trip.In addition to the authentic Kaga cuisine restaurant "Sekitei", and "FULL OF BEANS", the retro atmosphere cafe renovated old Kominka house, the restaurant “Ichibanboshi” where provides gorgeous seafood rice bowl with golden leaves is added as a new.
The seafood rice bowl with gold leaf offered by "Ichibanbhoshi" is a lavish seafood bowl with huge gold leaf on it to cover the seafood bowl. Furthermore, it comes with chopsticks made with Wajima-nuri lacquerware as a souvenir to bring to your home.

Reservations for the lunch are available from 2 people and are required until 3 business days in advance. As those restaurants are popular, early reservation would be recommended.