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Lots of Banana! "SanktGallen" Offers New Chocolate Flavored Beer

The brewery "SanktGallen" in Atsugi, Kanagawa prefecture will release 4 types of chocolate flavored beer from January 10th.Though commonly known as "chocolate beer", it is just chocolate flavored alcoholic beverage that uses normal beer ingredients. Usually, the based malt for beer is roasted as 85 degrees, but malt of the chocolate beer is roasted at a high temperature of about 160 degrees. The based malt on the verge of burning become dark brown, and it looks like chocolate!
"Imperial chocolate stout" 600 yen (tax excluded) is a rich flavored beer tasting like a drinking chocolate cake. Despite using about 3 times more of raw materials compared with a regular black beer’s, the special rich beer that can be made only half amount with regular beer in one preparation.
"Banana chocolate stout" 500 yen (excluding tax), a limited chocolate beer of 2019 is used 300 kg of finely chopped banana peeling the skin one by one by hand adding in the process of making wort which is the base of beer. You can taste rich and luxurious premium chocolate banana that is not like the one from street.
"Orange chocolate stout" 500 yen (tax excluded) which makes you imagine orange chocolate coated confectionery "Orange", is a beer that added finely chopped orange peel and stewed it for long time like making marmalade jam. It features the flavor of concentrated citrus bitterness.
"Sweet Vanilla Stout Valentine Label" 429yen (tax excluded) which blended the scent of vanilla into rich black beer like espresso uses A grade vanilla from Papua New Guinea which also been used by A class pastry chef. The taste is sweet and creamy, and vanilla chocolate flavor remains in the mouth. Only this beer is available throughout the year, but do not miss the special valentine label one which will be appeared as limited number only.

Besides selling at nationwide major department stores, those draught beers will be available at the event "Furusato Festival Tokyo 2019" in the Tokyo Dome from January 11 to 20th.

Let’s celebrate the new year with these special beer!