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"Ichigo-san" Cream Puff and Coffee are Available at the special 5 days event!

Strawberry’s new brand by Saga Prefecture, "Ichigo-san" which has been released this fall as part of Saga Prefecture's regional creation project "Saga Prize!" The cafe that you can taste the strawberry in the Glamping atmosphere will be opened for 5 days only, starting from January 15 as "Strawberry Day" until 19.

You can enjoy "Ichigo-san" which features mild and sweets flavor, vivid and beautiful red color, and fresh and juicy at "GLAMPING CAFÉ 153 From SAGA" in "SHARE GREEN MINAMI AOYAMA" in Minami Aoyama where is the place inspired luxurious camp style "Glamping",

Here, you can taste "Ichigo-san" inspired sweets supervised by Shinsuke Ishii who is an owner Chef of Michelin’s 1 star French restaurant "Sincere".
At the venue, it offers "Beauty Glamping" to show beauty of "Ichigo-San" at the indoor café, "Sweet Glamping” to show the sweetness in lawn area. you can enjoy lovely strawberry world with the area besed on red.
The best recommendation is "Ichigo San Cream puff" 600yen (tax included) which used plenty of "Ichigo San".In addition, to those who ordered drinks at the café, it offers the urban strawberry picking that you can pick your favorite "Ichigo San" from the display for the first 153 people,And sells "Ichigo San Blend" 400yen (tax included) that blended specially to match for Ichigo San, with three "Ichigo-san" strawberry picking.

Please coming to the limited time event to have experiencing the special strawberries boasting Saga’s proud, which have suitable of the catch phrase as "looking beautiful and tasting sweet"!

Address: 1-12-32, Minami Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo