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Premium Bread "Ginza Nishikawa" Opens Branches Nationwide!

"Premium Loaf Bread" is on trend and feature lots on television. One of the popular premium loaf bread shop "Ginza Nishikawa" where uses carefully selected water, will open shops nation widely from January. The first branch will open at Honcho, Chuo, Osaka from January 15.

The branch will be called as "Ginza Nishikawa Funaba Honcho Branch". It won’t open the current downtown area like Kita (Umeda) or Minami (Nanba / Shinsaibashi) but open it in middle area like Honcho, which may be a sign of enthusiasm to open it in the middle of Osaka.

After February, it will open Katsura (Saikyo ward, Kyoto) and Mie (Tsu) in Kyoto, and Ikebukuro in Tokyo.
"Ginza's Nishikawa Branch" opened in September 2018 became a huge topic in newspapers, magazines, free papers, net news and SNS even before opening and huge lines every day since opening day. The people’s evaluations are so high like "The corner of bread is soft like silk", "Slightly sweet, smooth and melt in the mouth like light snow", "Such a little luxury and happiness to eat", "It is the perfect souvenir to bring with under 1000 yen". Until December 20, it has been sold out 99 days in row.It may open branches at your neighbor soon. Let’s hope of the future expands.

■"Ginza Nishikawa Funaba Honcho Branch"
Address: 1F of Honcho Imaoka building, 3-2-9, Minami Honcho, Chuo, Osaka