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Eat and Get Rid of Demons? Setsubun's Special Sweets at Sheraton Miyako Hotel

Ehomaki (sushi roll eaten during setsubun) is traditional for Setsubun event, but also Ehomaki shaped cale roll is getting popular.

The cafe & gourmet shop "Cafe Bell" at "Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka" will offer "Oni (demon) cake" and "Ehomaki rolled cake" for Setsubun event.

New item "Oni cake" 500 yen (tax included), which seems to be able to kill demons by eating, is a cute design imitating red demon. Berry mousse and strawberry jelly are inside the mascarpone cheese mousse, and finished with the red grazaudi on the top, is so perfect for Instagram!"Ehomaki rolled cake" 972 yen (tax included) looking like sushi roll wrapped 7 kinds of fruits featuring 7 lucky gods, whipped cream, custard cream and sponge cake in chocolate. The length is 16.5 cm.

Setsubo sweet with 7 types of fruits and cream named after the Seven Lucky Gods, custard cream, sponge dough wrapped in chocolate.

"Oni cake" and "Ehomaki rolled cake" will be available on the day but numbers are limited so reservation will be better.The reservation will be accepted by January 31, and the delivery date will be February 3.
"Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka" will also offer Ehomaki , the authentic Setsubun Sushi roll, at "Japanese cuisine Uemachi". Authentic sushi roll "Uemachi Ehomaki" 1800yen (tax included) has carefully selected 7 kinds of ingredients such as egg, eel and shrimps. The reservation will be available by February 2 and the delivery date is 11:30 to 14:00, and 15:00 to 1900 of February 3rd.

Enjoy Setsubun event that the tradition custom to get rid of demons with "Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka" cake and Ehomaki!

■ "Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka"
Address: 6-1-55 Uehonmachi, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City