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"Hot and Creamy Cheese Foods" appears at Kihachi Aoyama Main Restaurant!

In cold season, hot and creamy cheese dishes are so tasty! At "Kihachi Aoyama Main Dining" will offer special cheese featuring dishes for winter season like Fluffy Omlet on Rice with truffled fragrant cheese espuma, and a set meal "Cheese! Cheese!! Cheese!!!" that you can enjoy difference texture of cheese, from January 8 to March 31.
"Hot and Fluffy! Stone Grilled Beef Stew Souffle on Omelet Rice", provided only lunch time, is a new style of Omelet Rice that stewed beef and fluffy souffle Omelet Rice grilled with stone in the oven and special demiglace sauce and truffe aroma cheese espuma topped on it to finish.

Dinner only "Cheese! Cheese!! Cheese!!!" has 4 meal plans that you can enjoy various cheese textures. All sets come with unlimited drinks.You can enjoy variety of cheese dishes in "Cheese! Cheese!! Cheese!!!" such as "Hot onion gratin soup with Gnocchi" using four kinds of cheese,
"Flitter of fresh white fish and Comte cheese with mimolette sauce" which is attracted with the crispy texture,
Such an addictive "Truffle-flavored cheese fondue with oven baked carefully selected vegetables",
and "Pastry wrapped Kihachi Style stewed beef with Raclette cheese". Choose from 4 meal plans which are difference with amount of foods and drink selections.

Why don’t you enjoy those special hot and creamy cheese dishes in such a cold time?

■Kihachi Minami Aoyama Main Restaurant
Address: 2-1-19, Kitaaoyama, Minato, Tokyo