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Supervised by Hotel New Otani Chef! Cheese flavored "NAVONA" (bouchée)

Long established confectionary "NAVONA" (bouchée) will collaborate with Hotel New Otani! "New Otani NAVONA" 5 pieces / 1000 yen (tax excluded) supervised by the Grand Chef of Hotel New Otani, Shinsuke Nakajima will be available from January 1.

"New Otani NAVONA" is cheese flavor which was supervised by the Grand Chef Shinsuke Nakajima who made it with practicing over and over again. The cream inside of the NAVONA that used plenty of cheddar cheese by Hokkaido is rich and creamy but not too sweet.  It melts in your mouth lightly so easy to eat more than one!

Also, "New Otani NAVONA" which was made smaller than usual, is good to bring for outing and suitable for small children. Adults those who do not usually eat sweets, would love to eat it as nibble for wine.

Also "trans fatty acid" like margarine is used as less as possible, so it is healthy.

The expiration date is 60 days, so, it would perfect gift for the New Year event. Let’s try  "New Otani NAVONA" which you can enjoy either as sweet or as a snack!