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Display time is only 10 min. "Nescafe Photolatte drinkable exhibition"

The exhibition "Nescafe Photo Latte drinkable art exhibition" that sells late art works inspired of world famous paintings made with "Nescafe Photo Latte" and "Nescafe Gold Blend Ballista” for a limited time, will be held in "Nescafe Harajuku" from December 4 to 25.

"Nescafe Photo Latte" is an original latte art sheet made with favorite photos, illustrations and messages, and is being sold at "Nestle Online Store" online since October this year.
In "Nescafe Photo Latte drinkable Exhibition" will display latte arts that famous artists such as Van Gogh, Monet and Katsushika Hokusai are drawn on the surfaces in the special booth of Nescafe Harajuku. Also, your favorite printed design can be on the latte as limited quantity.For the latte art work and drink items that offered by "Nescafe Photo Late Art Exhibition" are made by "Nescafe Gold Blend Balista". Topping on a latteart sheet on a fluffy foamed milk, it makes the painting colorfully shine, and you can enjoy not only the taste but also the lovely appearance on the top.

This exhibition brings a special experience to you with collaboration of Nescafe and world-famous paintings. Why don’t you enjoy having a special experience at "Nescafe Photolatte drinkable Art Exhibition".

■ "Nescafe Harajuku"
Address: 1-22-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo