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First time in the world? A shop offers comparison to eat Yuzu citrus pepper

"Citrus pepper" which became a very popular seasoning for recent years. Do you know a “Citrus pepper” that a son kept the taste of Citrus Pepper for 40 years inherit by his mother Fumiko?

"Fumiko’s Citrus Pepper" which was popular in "Itoi newspaper, almost daily" is freshly prepared and freshly-packed along with the best season of Citrus.

Though it has been sold only in online shop or Marche shops near Tokyo, it will open a special shop for limited time for the first time.

To celebrate the release of the first product just completed to make, it will open "Yuzu Citrus, eat comparison shop in Nihonbashi" from December 14 to 16.
Citrus's season is twice a year. Blue Yuzu citrus was peaked from late September to early October, and the fully ripe yellow Yuzu citrus was peaked in the middle of November.

"Fumiko's raw citrus pepper" series is authentic products that keep flavor fresh in the jar using freshly picked citrus along with citrus’s best seasons. Its greatest feature is the four flavors that you can enjoy a rich fragrance.The price is all 1350 yen each (including tax). There are 4 kinds such as "Daigin Blue" tastes the vivid aroma of blue yuzu citrus, "Daigin Yellow" which has a fruity elegance flavor of yellow Yuzu citrus, "Daigin Red" which mixed yellow yuzu citrus and red pepper to bring vivid spiciness, and "Daigin Black" which mixed yellow citrus and black pepper to bring exquisite harmony. You can bring your own foods to eat with the citrus in "Citrus pepper eat comparison shop in Nihonbashi"!

Why don’t you try the citrus pepper with fried chicken, Yakitori, Oden, rice ball and Camembert cheese?

■"Citrus pepper eat comparison shop in Nihonbashi"
Address: Dragged out studio, Uchida building, 15-3, Odenmacho, Nihonbashi, Tokyo