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Stamp on your cheek? Limited number of "Shachihata Cheek" are available

"Stationery cosmetics", a collaboration brand with stationery and cosmetics, will release new collaboration product “Shachihata cheek" that is collaboration by Shachihata.

Limited numbers will be offered for the Japan’s biggest stationery festival "Exhibition Stationery Women's Expo" from December 14 to 16.It looks like a giant size of Shachihata!

When pushing it lightly on the cheeks, it gently the powder comes out, so even people who are not good at make up about cheek can use it easily.
Even though it is comfort to wear because of the natural mineral as the ingredient, it won’t come off easily until evening and keep it brilliant color for all day long.

2 colors such as "Baby Pink" and "Coral Orange" that easy to use, are available.
"Baby Pink" creates stylish "Cute adult" with reasonable tone.
"Coral Orange" gives a healthy and fresh look on your face.

You should try "Shachihata cheek" which applying casually like stamp seal, brings brightness on your face.