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Antenna restaurant "Fukuoka" opens!

Antenna restaurant "Fukuoka" featuring Fukuoka Prefecture’s signature foods will open at Chiyoda, Tokyo from November 21. Owner want to people to feel Fukuoka’s attraction.
"Fukuoka" is an antenna restaurant packing the whole attraction of Fukuoka prefecture supervised by Fukuoka prefecture itself. You can enjoy local Fukuoka cuisine such as Mizutaki hot pot and seasonal fresh fruits.The restaurant features not only foods but also traditional wares and interior that inspires by Fukuoka. The interior is made of Fukuoka made Okawakumiko, Framing of Hakata-ori, Hachime Embroidery, table wares are made as Koishihara Yaki and Ueno Yaki. The restaurant allows you to experience Fukuoka Prefecture in every angle.Also, there is an event space inside the store, it is good to be held sightseeing and production’s promotion events for Fukuoka prefecture and municipalities, and business meetings to expand fans for Fukuoka prefecture.

This is the first restaurant which Fukuoka prefecture itself organize. Let’s visit "Fukuoka" where you can feel Fukuoka atmosphere even in Tokyo.

■ "Fukuoka cuisine and seasonal taste Fukuoka"
Address: Sumitomo Fudosan Fukuoka Hanzomon Build.1F, 1-12-1, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku.