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Matcha and green tea stand opens in Tsukiji outside market!

A newly tea stand "MATCHA STAND MARUNI" which allows you to enjoy tea in a new style on Tsukiji outside market will open November 1.

"MATCHA STAND MARUNI" is a specialty tea store that you can enjoy tea casually such as natural green tea latte and green tea ice cream without using gum syrup but "light brown sugar syrup". In addition, you can also purchase authentic professional goods such as tea utensils, tea wears and green tea here as well as drinking varieties of Matcha and tea like tasting.

Though Matcha itself is recognized as English and Matcha is attracted attention all over the world as Matcha with many specialty stores open overseas, but there are many foreigners who do not understand the difference between Matcha and Green Tea. Therefore, "MATCHA STAND MARUNI" carefully poured the Matcha in the shop and providing them as tasting. So you can enjoy several kinds of tea with free at stand. As demonstrating how to drink Matcha in front of people beyond language barrier, and ask people to drink them as tasting, it aims people to understand what is Matcha and green tea.

Also, there are traditional tea wears displayed such as chasen, tea ladle, tea bowl, tea bowl, iron bottle collecting from all over the country that you do not have the opportunity to use recently.

Tsukiji Outside Market area has approximately 500 shops continuing to operate even after the wholesale market moved to Toyosu, and stounf the tsukiji market is still very busy now. Try visiting "MATCHA STAND MARUNI", a remarkable new base of Tsukiji market!

Myosenji building 101, 4-14-18, Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo