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Enjoy border-less Tea at Yugawara's tea stand!

Tea stand "Sagyo" will open at Yugawara region which theming "BORDERLESS TEA -tasty, freely, and fun with worldwide tea" to suggest enjoying tea borderless beyond boundaries like Japanese tea, Chinese tea and English tea.There are 4 features of "TEA STAND SAGYO" which has opened since September 22nd.

At first, it offers new type of flavor tea such as "Tropical Oolong" Large 640yen, cheese on tea "Cheese cream Oolong" Small 420 yen / Medium 480yen.

Secondly, it supplies authentic tea such as single origin green tea and Oolong tea as take away.

Thirdly, It occasionally opens "Sa Bar" in weekends night to enjoy cocktails with tea such as  Shochu with Oolong and cassis with Oolong.

At fourth, it is 4 minutes walking to JR Yugawara station.Why do not you feel free to enjoy tea at Yugawara where has various culture gathering local residents, weekend residents and tourists.

Address: 16-6-1, Doi, Yugawaracho, Ashigarashimogun, Kanagawa