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"Fire work" and "Motorsports" collaboration event is on at Suzuka Circuit!

"Suzuka Circuit Fireworks The Performance -Glowing! Running! Rising!-" which is the event you can enjoy dynamic motor sports and fireworks together will be held at Suzuka Circuit in Suzuka city, Mie from August 11 to 14.

At this event, 3,500 fireworks will be launched with various music in front of the Grand Stand which can accommodate 12000 people. There is no doubt that a different taste of collaboration such as fireworks and motor sports will create excitement.

Because toilets, fast food shops and vending machines are near by the venue, family with little children can even enjoy the event without worrying.  In addition, the motor sports performance show with LED decorated bikes and cars will be held at the same time with the firework event.You can also enjoy the powerful performance that you are not able to see usually, such as the demonstration race "Kochira Racing Cup" and "Drag Machine Performance".

The operation hours is 18: 45 ~ 19: 50 every day, and free of charge (*entry fee is required). It is also 500 yen reserved seat is available, too. If you want to watch relaxingly, reserved seat is recommended.

Why don’t you make nice summer memory with "collaboration of firework and motor sports"? For details, check the Suzuka Circuit Official website.