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"SUZUMUSHI CAFE" to chill out Japanese tradtional summer with songs of crickets

People feel summer with cricket‘chirping in Japan. You can enjoy such chirping sounds in an urban city hotel "The Prince Park Tower Tokyo". Why don’t you enjoy elegance Japanese summer night with Rental Yukata at the café?

"SUZUMUSHI CAFÉ" (Cricket café) which will open temporally at the shrine "Shinmei" of 2nd floor of Hotel from August 4 to 26 is a special cafe where you can enjoy traditional Japanese summer atmosphere with listening songs of cricket in cool evening breeze.
The café is themed "TOKYO Yusuzumi (cool evening breeze)", and this offers the special opened air space which you can feel traditional evening atmosphere in Japanese summer. In order to produce Japanese traditional coolish evening, insect baskets for crickets and lanterns, the wind chime, the tassels with full of the water will be set in the rim side and indoor space. "Bamboo Akari" which are lightings made of bamboo swaying in the garden where is looking over the Tokyo Tower creates a stylish evening cool space.Also, Colorful Yukata (casual summer Kimono) can be rented 1000yen per piece for foreigners and ladies which is absolutely photogenic for Instagram. As gorgeous looking foods, sweets, and colorful and fresh cocktails are available in the café, you can take beautiful and illusional photos. It's also a good idea to take videos so that the beautiful sound of crickets can be in.
Opening hours is from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (9:00pm LO). Entry fee is 1000yen (w a soft drink), 1500yen (w an alcohol drink), 3000yen (w 3 alcohol drinks). Additional drink is 500yen for a soft drink, 1000yen for an alcohol drink (tax and surcharge included).

Let’s go to "SUZUMUSHI CAFE" where you can enjoy combination of stylish, modern atmosphere and Japanese tradition.

■"The Prince Park Tower Tokyo"
Address: 4-8-1, Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo