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"Samurai experience" with Samurai armor at Asakusa!

A shop offers you "Samurai Experience" has opened in Asakusa from July 10. If you love history and Samurai, this can’t miss! Let’s enjoy three experiences with real Samurai costumes.
Japanese culture experience service shop "Waza" offers true Samurai experience with wearing real armor suits. First, you wear 20 kg of armor and you may feel former battle or experience the severe times.After wearing armor, what to do next is a taking photograph with 20 cameras surrounding 360 degrees of the whole body
The photos taken with the back ground of imitation of Honjin from the middle of the war, can be downloaded and share from a appl. You will be praised by your friends for sure with authentic amour.
The 3rd experience is "marching". In the way to go out to Kaminarimon after taking a departure ceremony, you can shoot the Tokyo Sky Tree as a back ground.
It would be definitely attracting people’s attention at Asakusa, so should be nice taking photos with tourists there.

The event held for 2 to 3 hours. The price is usually 30,000yen including experience events, dressing, shooting, shower. But you can join only 20,000 yen during opening campaign period which is until July 31st.

Let’s transform to cool Samurai at the experience event!

Address: 1st floor, 2-22-2, Higashi Komagata, Sumidaku, Tokyo