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A special area with 1000 of Goldfishes swim around! "Tokyo Goldfish Wonderland 2018"

Once the rainy season has passed, the real summer finally arrives in Japan. The one of the summer tradition is goldfish swim in cool water as well as shaved ice and Japanese fan.

Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo Sky Tree Town will hold summer event "Tokyo Goldfish Wonderland 2018" with 1000 of gold fishes from June 30 to September 30.

Goldfishes exhibition area "Edorium" theming Edo is the one of the largest aquarium space for goldfish with 100 meter length. Along with goldfish with various colors and shapes in various goldfish tanks, "goldfish lantern tunnel" where hangs 100 of beautiful handmade lanterns on the ceiling are displayed in the space which are made by artisans of Yanai City, Yamaguchi prefecture, are illusional beautiful.
Also, in "World’s goldfish beerhall" gathered 5 kinds of goldfish from 4 countries in the world, you can taste beers from same land of those godfishes.You can not miss a special exhibition "Goldfish Color comparison" that you can see various colors of goldfishes such as yellow, brown, blue is hold near the 6F terrace space. From July 9.
There are some limited drinks and foods available in 5th of Penguin Café such as "Goldfish Soda with goldfish tank" 750yen (tax included) which is lightly sweetened with fruits and berries looked like goldfishes. This cute container can be brought to your home, if you like.

Why don’t you enjoy refreshment time in hot summer with goldfish and cool atmosphere?