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Shoot dinosaurs in a isolated island! A new spot opens in "Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch"

There are lots of dinosaur events coming in this summer. One of the most interesting dinosaur event will be held from July 1st."JURASSIC ISLAND" owned by "Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch" in Nagasaki prefecture is a new spot adventuring in the beautiful nature. In the island, guests can enjoy experiencing AR shooting game against carnivorous dinosaurs that appear over the AR scope.
Peeping into the AR scope, the dinosaurs appeared just like the genuine real thing in nature. You will clear the missions imposing to find treasure in the island with a special "weapon" in your hand.

"JURASSIC ISLAND" has facilities for walking around the island and overlooking the majestic ocean, so you can simply enjoy nature itself.The admission fee is 2,100 yen including the shipping fare from "Huis Ten Bosch" to "JURASSIC ISLAND". Elementary school students and above are eligible to join the attraction, and it take 3 hours 10 minutes (including 40 minutes for one way). *Admission ticket for "Huis Ten Bosch" is required separately
Let’s enjoy shooting dinosaurs at the isolated island in "Huis Ten Bosch".

■"Huis Ten Bosch"
1-1, Huis Ten Bosch town, Sasebo, Nagasaki