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"Pink Disco" at a poolside in a city hotel! CanCam Night Pool is on

The event "CanCam × Tokyo Prince Hotel Night Pool" produced by female fashion magazine "CanCam" will be held this year at Tokyo Prince Hotel · GARDEN POOL.

The period is from July 7 to September 17, the time is from 18: 00-21: 00. Advance ticket sales start from 10:00 in 19th. The admission fee is 4320 yen for ladies, 6480 yen for men (tax included). On the opening three days from July 7 to 9th, ladies are only for 2,700 yen (tax included).
This event is celebrating the third year of this year. The number of visitors exceeded 20,000, last year and it was buzzed as "Hype for Instagram women" or "No tanned pool".
This year’s concept is "Pink Disco". On the poolside, a photo spot that imaged American Diner" like a movie scene is set.

A pink color neon tube is appeared as an object.

A large amount of super rare big floats which CanCam editorial members purchased in San Francisco are also on the pool, too.

There ae so many cute floats like shell floats, rainbow floats, animal design floats such as  unicorns and swans, watermelons, cupcakes and pastel color donuts.

There will be many collaboration events in Tokyo prince hotel, too. "CanCam Night Pool" you can enjoy 1 night stay in the hotel with nigh pool, and CanCam collaboration hotel stay plan are available. Also, there will be some lovely collaboration dishes with CanCam in restaurants.

Why don’t you have lovely summer memory here?

■"Tokyo Prince Hotel GARDEN POOL"
Address: 3-3-1, Shibakoen, Minato, Tokyo