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New version of a popular folding chair "PATATTO" is on sale!

A folding chair "PATATTO" that only opens and pushes, release a updated version that is improved the comfort and portability!

Folding chair "PATATTO" is an extremely easy to open up and its load capacity is 100 kg.
This chair is so convenient with light figure and easy assembling, and you can prepare chairs as soon as you want to sit down, so it is easy to carry around.

In this new version, it has updated 5 functions such as portability, ease of use, comfort, simple, attention.

First of all, the width became smaller and it became easier to put it in your bag, so portability gets better! The curved surface fitted to the shape of the buttock called ""W curved surface” brings up comfort and it hardly hurts your back and bottom even if sitting for a long time. Also, the seat height has been raised to make it easier to standing sitting. Also, it is designed as waterproof so it is perfect to use in outdoor, it is sure to be active in various scenes such as camping, BBQ, festival, fireworks, sports festival, fishing and sports watching.There are three sizes, like 18 cm, 25 cm and 32 cm. 5 colors are available such as Red Olive (New Color), Terra Cotta (New Color), Navy, Black.The price is "PATATTO 180" 1480 yen (tax excluded), "PATATTO 250" 1800 yen (tax excluded), "PATATTO 320" 2500 yen (tax excluded). From mid-June, it will be on sale at SOLCION Directly-operated stores and online shops.

■「SOLCION Directly-operated store」
Address: Sakuma building 2nd, 2-44, Sanmoncho,Shichikusaku, Nagoya