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Only 20 min. exercise! A personal training gym leading by AI open in Japan

Personal training gym "Exercise Coach" "leading by AI" from Chicago, USA will open in the metropolitan area in Japan for the first time.In the training gym, AI learns physical strength, muscular strength, goal, life style, and suggests the best training method. AI manage all data and supports necessary exercise amount, and results are displayed in numbers for each training, so it can manage all the exercises as proper numbers.Also, training time is 20 min. per 1 circle only. It is possible to do effective training with a limited time at the gym which used to take one or two hours as previous training because of AI management.
Also, booking is not required. Shoes and training gears can be rent as free, so you drop off the gym any time you like. For busy people, effective exercise with short time can be appreciated.

"Exercise coach" will open in Shibuya for the first time in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Shinjuku branch will open on June 6 and Omiya branch June 9. Fee for admission is 10,000yen, monthly fee is 32000 yen as twice a week of the personal training, 24000 yen sd a partner plan which is for 2 students by 1 trainer.

The season when the exposure of the skin soon will come. Why do not you have effective exercise only for 20 min. and get perfect body?