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Enjoy much talked about Glamping! Best 3 newly opening facilities

A new camping style "Glamping" that you can enjoy relaxing and gorgeous outdoor life without having to take camping equipment yourself or put up a tent, and comfortable service in the natural environment. As due to the popularity rise, Glamping facilities have been opened one after another throughout the nation. Today, we will introduce three newly opened facilities. Why do not you debut Glamping for this summer?
1. Chikuraumi basecamp at Minamiboso, Chiba
First pick is a facility where will open this June in Chikura, Boso, Chiba. You can enjoy Glamping occasion with listening wave sound and feel the breeze with a concept of "Glamping by the sea where everyone can enjoy cooking and eating" in Chikura where is a harbor town and famous for seafood. Remarkable point here is a huge opening kitchen which is over 8 m in total length including complete German made IH cooking heater, iron plate and grill. Here, you can cook ingredients such as local specialty "Boso Robster" with your favorite way. There is a optional service to fresh local seafoods and vegetables from local farm will be delivered. There are three types of rooms with different sizes, so you can select the room according to the number of people.
2. "PICA Fujiyama" at Fuji Kawaguchiko Town
This is scheduled to open in July. There are for types of facilities overlooking Mt. Fuji such as Dome tent "Amazing Dome" using clear material for part of the tent, "Cottage Grande" and "Trailer Cottage" with air conditioner, toilet and bathroom, and "Tent site" with living deck. All the accommodation plans are included meals so that you can enjoy the outdoor life with your favorite style without bringing special tools.3. "Glam Beach" at Ikishi, Nagasaki
Let’s introduce "Glam Beach" in Ikishi, Nagasaki at the end. It has opened in November last year, this facility is a 2-minute drive from Iki Airport. You can experience gorgeous outdoor life with beautiful ocean views and wave sounds spreading in front of the eyes, starry sky full of night which are special for Iki region. Two types of tent type are available, such as "Standard Glamping type" for 2 to 4 people and "Deluxe Glamping type" for up to 10 people. It is a great place enjoying outdoor life and marine sports with your friends.