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New way to enjoy "Tea"! "Jiyu-an" offers dishes featuring tea leaves

In the newly‐picked tea season, “Jiyu-an” offers new dishes featuring green tea leaves. Let’s try those seasonal tasty foods!

“Jiyu-an” offers dishes featuring “tea” from May 16 to 29 which you can fully feel attraction of tea. Those dishes are used edible tea leaves (EATea Premium), you can enjoy beautiful aroma and taste of tea leaves.

“Chaba wo Marugoto kamu Gozen” (The dinner set featuring tea leaves) 2052yen (tax included) has stir fried prawns and sprouts with green tea sticky sauce as a main, Chinese style soup with Oolong Tea, green tea buckwheat noodle with grated daikon, green tea, and Oolong Tea.
“Temari Sushi -with tea oil-” 2268yen (tax included) suggests new way to eat sushi, which dip into olive oil with Jasmin tea.A dessert menu which is perfectly matching for the lush green season “Butter cake with pistachio and Jasmin tea” 454yen (tax included) is a cake that mixes with Jasmin tea leaves.

Let’s find new attraction of green tea at “Jiyu-an”!

■Nihonbashi Mitukoshi
Address: 1-4-1, Nihonbashi Muromachi, Cyuo-ku