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"Karuizawa Sweets stroll 2018 Spring" with lush green atmosphere 

This is the season when lush green shines in a fresh breeze. Why don’t you enjoy sweets stroll in lush green Karuizawa?

"Karuizawa Sweets stroll 2018 Spring – follow the refreshing lush green", which provides creative sweets made by pastry chefs who work in hotels, restaurants and cafes of Karuizawa, has been held since May 1st to May 31. It displays varieties of sweets by 10 popular shops   like chocolate mousse tarte "KOMOREBI" 990 yen by “Karuizawa Prince Hotel".
"Pistachio cream and ricotta mousse tarte" 500 yen (tax included) by "Atelier de Flomage" is a cheese tarte with refreshing lemon aroma,
"Tartelette passion framboise" 530yen (tax included) by "Hotel Karuizawa Elegance" is beautiful red color of framboise that show up in a lush green garden,
 "Karuizawa no Shinryoku no Hanabana" 1000yen (tax included) by "Okashidokoro Hanaoka" is Elegant Japanese sweets,"Boolean birch - white birch" 1080yen (tax included) by "Ex Karuizawa Hotel Otowanomori" is a lovely white chocolate mousse using water of white birch,
"White chocolate and Matcha mousse bomb" 840yen (tax included) by "Hotel Kanoshima" is sweets with bitter sweet Matcha and crunch chocolate,
"Fluffy cream cheese Chakin style, with aroma of Uji Matcha" 1188yen (tax included) by "Karuizawa Mariotte Hotel" is a gorgeous sweet with harmony of Japanese and Western flavor which dipping Matcha on the sweets,"Avocado Mont Blanc" 1080yen (tax included) by "Vegetable restaurant Karuizawa Hotel Longing House" is a sweet with avocado.

Let’s enjoy lovely sweets with lush green atmosphere in Karuizawa!