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3 best Beer Gardens with beautiful night view

As it is getting hotter in Tokyo, Many of Beer Gardens has started open. Today, we will show you three Beer Gardens with awesome view. Why do not you enjoy cold beers with your lover or friends watching beautiful city’s night view in cool breeze.
“KING OF THE PIRATES” is a concept restaurant themed pirates and pirate ship in Odaiba. It has offered the special Beer Garden with BBQ and Beers since May 1st. If you want to enjoy grilled seafood and meats, “BBQ with Beer Garden Course” 4500yen (tax excluded) *+480yen from July, is recommended. If you want to enjoy a course meal containing fried chicken and sausages, “Beer Garden Course” 3500yen (tax excluded) *+480yen from July is recommended. Both includes unlimited beer and alcohol.2. “-Roppongi BBQ Beer Garden- ARK HILLS SOUTH TOWER ROOFTOP LOUNGE” at Akasaka, Roppongi
Beer garden in the roof garden of ARK Hills South Tower has opened for a limited time from April 23. Here, you can enjoy authentic BBQ watching beautiful night view of Akasaka, Roppongi.  Selected meat such as “T-bone Steak”, and “Domestic pork, seafoods, mountain foods are available. Also, there is a BBQ plan that you can buy meat at the shop in the basement of the building and bring it in.  Of course, a la carte and drinks are available! It is a classy beer garden owning everything such as the ingredients, atmosphere, night view.3. “SOGO Rooftop Beer Garden overlooking ocean”
Finally introducing the last Beer Garden is on the roof top of Sogo Yokohama store. The theme of this beer garden is “Beauty Beer Garden Enjoying Vegetables”. While feeling the sea breeze, you can enjoy a variety of ladies-friendly foods. Especially, “Vegetation Station” is recommended. It upgraded previous salad bar to increase number of items from 18 to 30. This place is recommended for those who are on the diet. It is 4500yen (tax included) for an adult including unlimited drinks and foods (max. 6 hours).