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Extraordinarily cafe with coffee bubbles and aroma floating in the air

An limited open café with “Surrounded in bubbles” open at Harajku for limited time! Why don’t you go out to the café with little mysterious experience?

“Nescafe Ice Crema Café” produced by NAKED in “Nescafe Harajuku” is the café you can enjoy gorgeous foods with featuring bubbles and “Ice Crema Coffee” from April 19th and May 6th.

The bubbles floating around from the main object which contained Ice Crema Coffee inside in the center of the shop, and the coffee’s aroma smells in the air from burst bubbles. This unique atmosphere of inside would be absolutely great for Instagram!Also, bubble themed foods presented by French’s iron chef Hiroyuki Sakai and Hiroki Yoshitake from Michelin’s 1 star restaurant Sola has been offered.You can also enjoy “Ice Crema Coffee” with fine crema (bubbles) on ice coffee with champagne glass.

“Nescafe Ice Crema Cafe” opens from 11:00 am to 9:00 (open on the first day from 2:00 pm), last order at 20:30.

Experience the extraordinary cafe you can enjoy with your senses!

■”Nescafe Harajuku”
Address: 1-22-8, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo