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3 new attractions to be opened by summer, which you shouldn't miss

With the arrival of spring, wondering if there are many people who are dying to go out. So, we summarized the new attractions of the amusement park which is planned to be opened by this summer. Why do not you schedule it as a summer travel destination?

1. Paddington Town at Sagami Lake Pleasure Forest
Although it is still buzzing with the excitement of the huge climbing attraction "Muscle Monster" opened last spring here, it will open new attraction which is good for kids this time. “Paddington Town” is a first theme park for the popular British character Paddington Bear. In the park there are 5 attractions such as a little roller coaster, a maze, a train. Also you can see many Paddington Bear in the park. It will open July of this year.

2."Alkyne Vader" by LAGUNASIA
LAGUNASIA is a theme park operated by Laguna Ten Bosch in Gamagori, Aichi Prefecture. "Alkyne Vader" which will open April 28 is the world's first attraction that makes the floor and wall a virtual field and can experience as if they were in the space invaders world. You can enjoy a game that shoots down a large group of invaders appearing in virtual field. Up to 10 players can play at the same time, so it seems fun to visit as the group and play against each other!

3. "Xtrem Aventures HAKUBA TSUGAIKE WOW!" at Tsugaike Ski Resort
It will open the Japan’s first facility that you can enjoy 51 kinds things in 9 categories such as an air bicycle ride on a tightrope above 10meters height from the ground at Tsugaike Ski Resort for summer limited. "Xtrem Aventures" is popular adventure facility where was originated in France, and has opened 156 spots in 15 countries so far. There are plenty of activities to enjoy safely from small children to adults where is very unique and new innovation activities. It will open August 1st, some of attractions will open even in winter.