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A sweets themed event will be on at SANRIO PUROLAND!

At Sanrio Puroland, an event called "Sweet Puro" will be held from January 12 (Fri) to March 13 (Tue) 2018, which is the first sweet themed event.
During the period, photo booths themed sweets such as donuts and candies will be appeared, and sweets mortified pink and chocolate color Sanrio Characters will be on sale for a limited time.In addition, there will be some chances for sweets to be giving away in attractions. This event is for not only eating sweets but also various ways to enjoy sweets.
And also, an Illumination show "SPARKLE!! -sweet Lights-" which Hello Kitty will perform and sing with her beautiful voice will be held!  As it is partial renewal of "SPARKLE !!" illumination show using 500 thousand bulbs decorated in this summer and autumn for sweets version, Hello Kitty will appear with a new costume with chocolate and heart mortified.Attention is focused on Hello Kitty which freely manages songs that imagined a lot of sweet parties and glittery illumination of candy colors. Don’t miss out Hello Kitty who perform songs in candy color illuminations.At the end of the show, "Pink Illumination" will be carried out, which is perfect for the season. "Puro Village" at first floor of Puroland will became totally pink color. Would you like to enjoy taking photogenic pictures in such a unique space of Puroland with friends or lovers?