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"Kochakaden Strawberry chocolate Royal Milk" presented by "Kochakaden" is on sale now

A new flavor of “Kochakaden” which you can enjoy the spectacular scent of strawberry and rich flavors of thick chocolate that are good match of winter is on sale now!

A new flavor “Kochakaden Strawberry chocolate Royal Milk Tea” is a new release of a season limited version of “Royal Milk Tea” by “Kochakaden” that has been popular long-selling brand of tea beverage since its release,

It added a flavor of “Strawberry Chocolate” which is good combination with milk tea. It is an authentic milk tea using “domestic milk” and “rich aroma’s black tea leaves extracted from hand-picked Ceylon tea leaves” with adding the gorgeous strawberry aroma and the rich chocolate flavor are matched perfectly. It became luxurious and unique flavor which is exactly like “Kocha Kaden” .

The package’s pink color is inspired by strawberry and very pretty! This drinks is perfect for the moment of luxurious and relaxing time such as break time of work, study.

“Kochakaden Strawberry chocolate Royal Milk Tea” is 140yen (tax excluded). It has started to sell in nationwide since November 20th as season limited. A special milk tea which is limited in winter, why don’t you try anyway?