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Kit Kat with memories of travel is availabe in Kyoto!

In Kyoto where is the best time now to visit in autumn, the new service “Tabi no Omoide (memories of travel) : Kit Kat” that you can print your memorable photo on a Kit Kat package and post it directly, has started.

This service offers printing people’s memorable photos taken by smart phones or cameras to a package on Kit Kat chocolate using the special machine. It would be a unique souvenir exists only one in the world. Also, if you stick a stamp directly on the Kit Kat package and post it, it would be a great picture postcard!
“Tabi no Omoide (memories of travel) : Kit Kat” is able to be displayed in your house, since a simplified stand is attached on it. It is not only a souvenir to your friends and family, but it is good to keep for yourself, too. As a photo shooting is taken only less than 5 minutes, you can use it while killing a time for a train at Kyoto station. There is also a spot to post SNS available in the shop.

It offers as limited time at “Souvenir Street” in JR Kyoto station until April, 2018. Why don’t you try if you have a chance to visit Kyoto? Price is 400yen (Tax excluded).