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Chu-Hi with Rare "Yuzu (Citrus) made in MIzuo, Kyoto" available!

"Craft Chuhai made in Kyoto" which was collaborated by the product districts and enterprises in Kyoto, released on November 14th. Why do not you support Kyoto’s product districts promotion with Chu-Hi (Shochu and Highball)?

Kyoto prefecture is promoting the development of new products through the "Kyoto’s foods 6th Business Creation Support Project" in cooperation with enterprises and product distinctions in order to improve the brand value and consumption of prefectural agricultural, forestry and fishery products. As the part of this project, "Takara Shuzo" and "Dai Nihon Kaju”, "Agricultural Association corporation Kyoto Mizuo agriculture" are cooperated together, and created Chu-Hi "Yoi CRAFT Kyoto Yuzu"

"Yoi CRAFT Kyoto Yuzu" is Chu-Hi used "Mizuo made Yuzu" (Yuzu = Citrus) which is available only limited amount, has been on sale in souvenir shops, bar and restaurant of Kyoto and Shiga prefecture. You can taste the strong aroma and rich flavor that is characteristic of "Mizuo made Yuzu"(Citrus).

"Yuzu no Sato" (Citrus town) in Saga Mizuo of Kyoto is located in the mountain border of Kameoka and Sakai, where is now half of populations are more than 65 years old (population is around 50). It also leads to keep "Yuzu no Sato" production area to vival. Why don’t you try special limited Chu-Hi.