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Great for winter memory! "YOMEISH and KOTATSU TRAIN" makes you warm!

“YOMEISHU” which is loved by women with poor circulation. Especially, many people will rely on “YOMEISHU” in this coming season, won’t they? “YOMEISHU” and “Kotatsu train” (Kotatsu is low table with electric heater underneath) presented by Sanriku Railway will be collaborated in this winter! Let’s enjoy a heat warming rail trip!“YOMEISHU and KOTATSU TRAIN” run from December 16th for limited time is aiming to warm up body and mind with delicious foods of Sanriku region. When stepping into the train, “YOMEISHU” color’s Kotatsu are lined up as big. In the middle of journey, there are “Namomi” (traditional demon masks) appears and the train stops at several viewpoints so that you can fully enjoy the hospitality of the local line.
“YOMEISHU and KOTATSU LINE” will be run in every weekends and public holiday between December 16th and January 14th. (“YOMEISHU and KOTATSU TRAIN” will be temporary pause from November 1st to 5th”.) It will operate one round trip a day, the fare is a ticket + designated seat 310 yen. If you ride on the train between Kuji and Miyako, it costs adult one way 1850 yen, Child 930 yen and a 1 day free ticket of 2500 yen will be available.

As the reservation has been available from November 16th, let’s book as quick as possible not to miss with somebody who want to enjoy together. Don’t miss out the opportunity to catch “YOMEISHU and KOTATSU LINE” for winter’s special memorial.