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New cosmetic is available for cat lover! "Squishy Cat’s Paw Pad Foundation"

The new cosmetic brand “necosme” released “Puni Puni Neko-no-Te Foudation” (Squishy Cat’s Paw Pad Foundation) for cat lovers! It has been on priority sale at nationwide PLAZA branches.

This cosmetic is created with the idea as being a major winner of “The 1st cosmetic idea contest” which decides a prize by vote. This is a new sense foundation based on the unique idea of “enjoy make up with a squishy cat’s paw pad!”.
The powder puff pad is adopted as a "world first" paw pad designed silicon puff. It is washable and easy to clean. Foundation cream isn’t absorbed into the puff, so that you don’t need to use lots and its economical. As the puff is also flexible. there are merits that this can cover easily uneven areas such as a wing of nose.

Not only cute but also works great. Pores and dullness of the skin can be covered perfectly. It is cream foundation, so that it is quickly settled into a skin and can cover up moles and veins. Though it is powerful but also provides a natural sense of finish brightness.

In addition, four kinds of ceramides and natural vegetable oil are blended as luxury. It covers and keeps moisture of the skin.The cat design of the container has a big mirror attached. Cat lover designer “Chiro” designed lovely package, too! “Cat paw foundation” and “Cat paw full” are 1800yen (tax excluded) as a set.

It is not only cute but high quality as cosmetics. If you love cats, don’t miss it.