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"ORANGINA" released a new flavor "Cassis &Orange"!

“ORANGINA” released a new flavor which is great for adults!

“ORANGINA” was created in France in 1936, it is a carbonated drink containing fruit juice and it has been loved for many years. It has been popular with its fresh orange flavor and natural bitterness from orange peel extract.

“ORANGINA Cassis & Orange” is winter’s limited drink which you can enjoy fresh orange peel extract and gorgeous and rich flavor of cassis. By blending five kinds of fruit, such as  lemon, mandarin orange, grapefruit, cassis and orange, it brings a gorgeous and complicated flavor.

The package was newly designed as French artist “Virginie Morgan”, The colorful and chic package is nice accent for party scenes.

“ORANGINA Cassis & Orange” 160 yen (tax excluded) is on sale from November 7th in nationwide.