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Bath bombs maker for making your original bath bombs appeared!

Everyone from kids to DIY lover can enjoy that! A handmade kit “BATH BOMB LAB.” that are able to make original bath bombs (carbonated bath salt) is appeared.

A lot of women are addicted to DIY because of the fun that produces your own original things which are not sold in anywhere else. In such situation, “BATH BOMB LAB.” that definitely upgrade your everyday of bath time, is appeared.

A bath bomb is 3 steps to be made as a basic, that are “mix”, “harden” and “dry” of bicarbonate, citric acid and water. It is dreamlike item that you can make your original bath bombs as many as you like and whenever you like. The size of the finished bath bomb is 50 mm of diameter, and when you put in bath, bubbles come out from the soap and the bath became a carbonated bath.A recipe book is attached to the kit, showing bath bombs for seasonal and each event. Your own bath bombs that add scent with aroma oils, colors and decorations at home are sure to be photogenic in Instagram! Of course, not only enjoying it yourself, but also it is recommended to give it as a gift or make it with children for fun.

“BATH BOMB LAB.” Is 3000 yen (tax excluded). It has started to sell from the end of October. In addition, official website of “BATH BOMB LAB.” introduces eye-catching bath bombs other than recipe books at any time. It is also planning to have a promotion with famous You Tuber.