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Luxurious Red Plum Wine with 5 kinds of poly-phenol is on sale!

Great news for the plum wine lovers! Red color plum wine like red wine contained lots of polyphenol “Aka Umesyu (red plum wine) with 5 kinds of polyphenol” is on sale now!

“Aka Umeshu (red plum wine) with 5 kinds of polyphenol”was newly released plum wine which is contained 350mg of 5 kinds of fruits derived polyphenol per bottle such as grapes, cassis, prunes, plums and Shiso. It features vivid red color and luxurious taste with sourness of plums and bitterness of polyphenol. It is in a transparent square bottle to be able to see the vivid red color from outside. Rebel design is very pop with red dots. Five kinds of fruits are drawn in the package, so you can see easily this drink contains lots of polyphenol.

 “Aka Umeshu (red plum wine) with 5 kinds of polyphenol” is 650yen (tax excluded). It is on sale from 26th of September in nationwide. It is great for the people who are health conscious. Please try it!