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So cute but scary!! Lovely Halloween Lollipops!

Would you like to have scary but cute sweets for Halloween? The world’s funniest sweets shop “PAPABUBBLE” in Barcelona offers cute and funny lollipops.

“Halloween lollipop” is the 2nd Halloween series following “Ear gummi” and it has been on shops from the 23rd of Sep to the 31th of October. Six designs such as “Jack o lantern”, “Mr. Brain”, “Skelton”, “Mummy”, “Organ” and “Lips” are available. Those “Halloween lollipops” are so cute and great eatable party items for Halloween party.

Besides 6 kinds of lollipop, 2 kinds of standard Halloween pattern are also available. If you decorate many lollipops in your room, it would be great interior for Halloween.

“Halloween lollipops” is S size: 5 cm / 600 yen, M size: 7 cm / 1000 yen, L size: 15 cm / 2000 yen, "Mr. Brain" is 1200 yen (All taxes are included, size does not include a bar). "Papavubure" is on sale at all directly managed stores.

After enjoying “PAPABUBBLE” lollipops at Halloween events, don’t forget to eat!