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A coffee shop where customers can choose beans from different producers arrived in Omotesando

Great news for coffee lovers! A coffee shop where you can experience choosing coffee beans from many producers has opened on Saturday, September 23 in Omotesando.

"Maruyama Coffee Omotesando Single Origin Store" is a specialized shop of single origin coffee boasting the world's top lineup. This shop’s concept is “Discover Coffee”, in other words, “the encounter with coffee bean producers”. It mainly sells coffee beans so customers can find their favorite coffee beans with the advice from the barista in the shop. There are 30 kinds of coffee beans which are named after producers. Top class barista gives their opinions about the producers beans to customers and help to choose the customer’s favorite beans as a coffee bean concierge.
There are photographs of the producers on the first floor, and more than 1 of top class barista including champions, experienced winners, are at each competition resident area. So customers can have a new experience pickking coffee beans by producers.
There is a 24-seater café on the 2nd floor. Also, you can get take out coffee, too.

Why don’t you find the best coffee for you at "Maruyama Coffee Omotesando Single Origin Store" this autumn.

"Maruyama Coffee Omotesando Single Origin Store"
3-14-28, Minami Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo