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Collaboration with PABLO! The Choco Pie represented “Japanese flavor cheese tart".

A new product “Choco Pie - Premium cheesecake with Kyoto style Japanese flavor supervised by PABLO” 95yen / individual (tax excluded) has been released by Lotte from September the 26th.
This is the 4th collaboration with Choco Pie and PABLO, and you can enjoy a new type of taste which is supervised by cheese cake radical “PABLO”.

This product represented a new taste of "PABLO cheese tart with Japanese flavor" in Choco Pie with its collaborated development. Uji Matcha cheese cream and brown sugar syrup wrapped in a soft cake. It is more fluffy and melty than usual Choco Pie by adding 1.3 times the normal amount of cream. You will be satisfied by the unique taste of "PABLO cheese tart with Japanese flavor".

You will love the Choco Pie which has great combination of the taste like East meets West.