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“Enjoy Sake in the outdoors. A new category of sake has appeared!

Asahishuzo has released “KUBOTA Seppo” as new addition to the “KUBOTA” series to create a new category with the the concept of “Enjoy Japanese Sake and the outdoor life”.
 “KUBOYA Seppo” is made as a collaborative development with Asahishuzo and the comprehensive outdoor brand “Snow Peak” which offers a naturally oriented life style. The concept is like “Enjoy drinking sake with friends overlooking beautiful scenery”.

A feature is that it has exquisitely harmonized and breathtaking taste brought by the “Yamahai Yeast”, it is well-balanced with outdoor cuisine, it has individuality and extravagance.

With a sharp design unified with black which is also the corporate color of the Snow Peak Company, the price is 2760 yen (tax excluded). The product definitely extends the fun of outdoor life.